Monday, June 16, 2008

Keisler Engineering's Automatic Transmission Upgrade for Your Classic Corvette

For more than a decade, General Motors has used automatic transmissions controlled by an electronic brain. This ended their use of vacuum actuated models. Although many classic car restoration purists would balk at the idea of putting such an item in their old-school muscle car, this innovation has increased the strength, torque, shifting quality and overall performance of their automatic transmission vehicles.

For those intrepid classic Corvette owners, Keisler Engineering has something for you! The A41 is a new generation of GM transmissions. Based on the research and expertise you would expect from Keisler, these electronically controlled automatic transmissions for classic Corvettes are the highest quality available.

The A41 electronically controlled automatic overdrive transmission features a 4th gear ratio of .70 allowing a low rpm cruising speed and quality of shifting found only in newer high performance cars. The torque capacity of the A41 ranges from 450 ft-lbs to 650 ft-lbs depending on which of the three models you choose.

Corvette owners wanting to upgrade a transmission in the past would have to spend a fair amount of time finding a mish-mash of appropriate parts from different manufacturers. For the first time ever, Keisler Engineering offers a complete kit for the classic muscle car restoration enthusiast with all the application specific items including crossmember, dipstick, driveshaft, cooler lines, TPS, wiring, shifter linkage, Speedo cable and installation manual. Each A41 electronically controlled automatic transmission includes a stall torque converter that is custom made and dyno tested with transmission and electronically pre-programmed Keisler Transmission Controller.

As with most of Keisler Engineering’s products, the A41 is a high performance, technically superior automatic transmission. The brainy gear-heads at Keisler have managed to make the installation of this transmission as easy as any of their other PerfectFit Transmission upgrades for classic muscle car restoration. With minimal cutting of floor boards and hassle free installation, you would be hard pressed to notice the difference between a Corvette with its stock transmission or a Corvette with Keisler Engineering’s A41 electronically controlled automatic transmission. The only giveaway might be that the shift quadrant has an extra place for over drive.

The A41 will fit nicely into place, with one of the only noticeable component changes being the crossmember. For all 1968-1982 Corvettes, Keisler Engineering Corporation has custom fabricated the crossmember to securely hold everything in place while allowing the muscle car restoration process maximum flexibility in choosing an exhaust system.

Another of the major components is the torque converter. Keisler offers a 1600 to 2000 rpm stall speed converter that can handle 300-500 lb-ft of torque. For maximum performance, there are also other kits available with higher stall speed converters able to handle a lot more torque.

All in all, upgrading your Corvettes transmission to a Keisler A41 electronically controlled automatic overdrive transmission will greatly increase your driving pleasure, vehicle performance and perhaps most importantly in this day and age, your gas mileage! That’s right! Don’t forget that every time you do something to make your vehicle run more efficiently and smoother, you can see that upgrade reflected in savings at the gas pump. The folks at Keisler are well aware of this, and part of their mission is keep the classic muscle cars we all know and love on the roads of America.

Located in Rockford, Tennessee, Keisler Engineering Corporation has been industry leaders for years in regards to classic car restoration. In addition to the Corvette’s A41 electronically controlled automatic overdrive transmission, Keisler offers the PerfectFit series of manual transmission upgrades for a wide variety of classic muscle cars and street rods. At you will find 5-speed and 6-speed transmission systems for classic Mopars, including Chargers, Challengers and Barracudas, old-school GM muscle cars like the Nova, Camaro and GTO and the ever popular classic Ford Mustang.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Group Trolley Tours of Asheville, NC

Asheville, North Carolina has become one of the most popular destinations for travelers and tourists from all across the globe. Quickly becoming recognized one of the cultural and creative capitals of the nation, Asheville offers something for every personality and walk of life. The beautiful architecture of the city set against the backdrop of the breathtaking Appalachian Mountains is truly a sight to behold. The residents of the area are as diverse as the restaurants, boutiques and art galleries that line the city streets.

One of the best ways to get to know the city that everyone is talking about is to take the Gray Line Asheville Trolley Tour. This guided tour runs to all the most attractive destinations in Asheville, including Pack Place, The Grove Park Inn and The Asheville River Arts District. With unlimited hop-on, hop-off privileges, it’s the best form of ground transportation in Asheville. No parking, traffic or getting lost…you get just to relax and enjoy everything this lovely mountain town has to offer.

Gray Line Asheville also offers event and wedding charters. This is a great way to entertain a group of people for any occasion such as weddings, corporate retreats and family reunions. No need to coordinate multiple cars, no need to worry about getting separated from the group and no worries about planning a fun event that everyone can enjoy.

Asheville is a dream destination for any group of artists, whether it’s an architecture or painting class, a community art foundation or a writers group. The Historic Biltmore Village area is rich with the cultural history of the city. The up and coming Asheville River Arts District is now home to some of the most eclectic and accomplished artists in the area.

Gray Line Asheville is the perfect way to organize a family reunion or gathering of friends. Keeping everyone together is easy, as the trolley makes a continuous circuit of the best sightseeing in Asheville. With unlimited hop-on and hop-off privileges, folks with different interests can explore different areas of the city without fear of losing track of each other. A few can hop off in pack place and walk around the shops while others explore the beautiful Grove Park Inn.

An excellent day to plan for a corporate retreat is a historic bus tour of Asheville on a Gray Line Trolley. The Renaissance Hotel, Grove Park Inn and Haywood Park Hotel are all stops on the Gray Line Asheville route. Take the whole trip or get on and off at any of the stops all day and plan events and workshops in different parts of the city.

Wedding charters are a dream come true for any wedding planner. Easy ground transportation to all the best places in town including a stop minutes from The St. Lawrence Basilica, with no hassles about finding a place for everyone to park and keeping the group together. It’s a fun and easy way to move everyone from the wedding to the reception or anywhere in between.

A complete listing of rates, routes and schedules can be found at Working out arrangements is easy and hassle-free, and the pleasant folks at Gray Line Asheville take great pleasure in being a part of your vacation and travel experience. For sightseeing in Asheville, bus transportation in asheville and a historical perspective on the area, there really is nothing better than a Gray Line Asheville Trolley Tour.

Creating a Cremation Memorial for a Departed Loved One

Whenever we lose a loved one that is close to us, one of the inevitable questions that arise is what to do with the remains. Lately, cremation memorials have become a popular alternative to traditional memorials. There are many reasons that more and more people are turning away from the typical casket and cemetery burial.

It is certainly not something we want to think about in relation to the passing of a friend or family member, but the truth is that cemeteries are becoming more and more expensive and less and less practical. They take up tremendous amounts of land and require the people to often travel a great distance to visit the memorial site.

Cremation memorials, on the other hand, can be a far more personalized and creative way to remember a special person, or even pet. A memorial that you create using a one of a kind decorative cremation urn as the centerpiece can be truly beautiful, and designed to more personally reflect the life you are celebrating. A funeral urn created in a style or fashion, or using materials that were pleasant to the person being memorialized would be incredibly appropriate as the centerpiece of any memorial site.

A small alter dedicated to the memory of the departed can be erected inside the home, with the remains enshrined inside a beautiful, handmade cremation urn. Indoor memorials offer the most versatility, since you need not worry about weather and the elements. A glass cremation urn, wood cremation urn or ceramic cremation urn are all appropriate materials for indoor shrines.

Indoor cremation memorials also offer the opportunity to place other memorial objects and keepsakes around the decorative art urns. Photographs, possessions and trinkets belonging to the honored person are great items to place here. Memorial textile art, such as a custom made memorial quilt can be made in the departed’s honor, and displayed on a wall behind the shrine. A piece of memorial jewelry, or hand made memorial books and text in an album are also great additions to a cremation memorial.

If you want to create a special place outdoors, you can be just as creative, but you will need to use a metal cremation urn or stone cremation urn to survive the sun and rain. Things like photographs or delicate items may need to be sealed or protected somehow. A nice outdoor memorial can be a very special place, and can also be more easily accessible to others friends and family who may want to visit with the departed.

Another benefit of cremation memorials over traditional casket and cemetery burials is that the remains of the loved one can be divided amongst many smaller companion urns, custom designed to match the primary funeral urn. Family and friends who would like to erect their own personal memorials can do so, and have the person they loved and respected so much nearby them always.

There are many resources for finding beautiful memorial objects. However, you should always be sure you are dealing with a reputable company such as Shine On Brightly. The artisans that they deal with are carefully screened, so you can be sure they are some of the most skilled craftsmen and craftswomen in their respective fields. Also, the artists that Shine On Brightly selects understand the importance and significance of the memorial objects they are crafting, and truly believe in the power of their art to help others show their love for a departed loved one.

Monday, June 9, 2008

How to Buy Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are a little different than other shoes, because of the tremendous need for lateral support. Unlike a running shoe, where the concern is mostly for forward motion, tennis shoes must endure the constant action of sideways starts and stops. Also, tennis shoes will usually have reinforced toe and heel pads because of the fact that tennis players will often drag the toe or heel of the shoe across the court creating a lot of wear and tear in those areas.

Basketball athletic shoes are similar, however most basketball sneakers have a higher top, and tennis shoes are almost always a low or mid top to allow for maximum range of motion in the ankle. Tennis players don’t want to feel any resistance when changing direction.

Fitting tennis athletic footwear is a lot like fitting any other shoes. When you try the shoes on, put on both pair and walk around a little bit. Stand in a stance like you would playing tennis and move side to side, jump a little bit and run a short distance. Try to get the feel of them on a hard surface so you can see how they grip the floor.

Make sure that your heel does not slip, but also ensure that your toes are not hitting the front of the toe box. If the shoe seems to otherwise fit, but your heel is still slipping, make sure you have used all the eyelets at the top of the laces. If the shoe is still slipping even when properly laced, then try a different brand or size.

The sneaker should fit snug without pinching across the widest part of your foot. If a shoe pinches your toes, the result can be anything from bunions to stress fractures. The foot depends on a certain range of motion to operate properly during a step, and the footwear you choose should enhance and support that range of motion, not inhibit it.

Quality tennis footwear will generally have a flatter, tighter design to the pattern on the sole for traction. Unlike running footwear, which has knobby waffles all over the bottom, a tennis sneaker is more likely to have smaller more closely spaced grips. The reason for this is that tennis is always played on a hard flat surface, so maximum contact with the court is both possible and desirable.

You will also notice that usually tennis shoes are wider and flatter, with a lower heel than a basketball shoe or running sneaker. This is because tennis involves a lot more lateral motion, and a high heel would create the likelihood for the ankle to roll over very easily.

Because tennis does not require nearly as much vertical jumping as basketball, or the repetitive forward impact of running, jogging and track sports, the additional cushioning under the heel is not necessary. Most of the support and cushioning in a tennis shoe will be located towards the front, under the pad of the foot where all the tarsals meet the metatarsals.

Shopping for footwear online can offer many benefits, such as finding quality discount footwear. When online shoe shopping, always make sure to deal with a reputable company and website, like Familiarize yourself with the return policy of any online store you deal with, and make sure you know all the shipping costs involved. Again, dealing with reputable online shoe stores is the way to ensure a professional experience.

An Introduction to Organic foods.

An Introduction to Organic Foods

By: Jack Moe

When it comes to foods, the term “organic” is becoming more and more common. Organic foods are foods that were grown without the use of artificial fertilizers, chemical pesticides, and genetically altered seeds or sprouts. Foods that do use artificial fertilizers, chemical pesticides, and genetically altered seeds or sprouts are generally referred to as “conventional” items.

As the popularity of natural lifestyles has grown, various organizations have been created to set up standards to distinguish between what is an organically grown item and what is not. Foods that adhere to the standards of that particular agency and arrange to be inspected by representatives of those agencies will usually display a label of some kind to inform the consumer of this additional standard. The most common label of this kind is the green “USDA organic label”

There are many reasons eating all natural foods and organic food has become important to people. The largest and most obvious reason for switching to organic recipes is that many people believe the pesticides and fertilizers used to grow and protect the vegetables can never be completely washed away and eventually makes its way into our system when we eat those foods.

The argument continues that even if we do get all the chemicals off of our produce, those chemicals are no less dangerous being introduced into the waste and water systems. The mere fact that they are spread across acres and acres of land means that eventually those chemical will find their way into our bodies and cause great harm over time.

Proponents of organic foods also believe that because the seeds and vegetables are processed less and grow using all natural fertilizers, they retain far more flavor and many, many times the nutritional value of conventional produce. This is partially due to that fact that because certified organic produce can not use artificial preservatives, it makes its way to the grocery store that much faster. According to advocates, using organic ingredients helps to create fresh and healthy menus that are full of nutrition.

Another reason why organic ingredients are thought to be superior to conventional foods is the fact that they are by their very nature a stronger genetic breed. Plants that have been manipulated genetically over generations or sprayed season after season with strong pesticides will inherently be weaker on their own, with less developed natural defenses. This is thought to further compromise the nutritional value of the end product.

Detriment to the environment is another major concern of proponents of organic foods. As these pesticides run off into the surrounding ecosystem, a huge array of problems can result, from contamination of the nearby lakes and streams to the poisoning of the local water table. Using fertilizers and pest repellents that are also organic ensures that the excess materials will bio-degrade harmlessly into the environment.

Organic foods are often the first step many people take when transitioning to a healthier way of eating and a healthy lifestyle in general. Organic clothes, furniture and many other household goods are now available to the general consumer, but organic foods are still the most important, because those are the things that most directly affect our health.

Making the switch to organic foods can be fun and educational. With the huge increase in the number of health food stores, and also the number of organic sections in “conventional” grocery stores, finding organic ingredients is becoming far easier and more cost effective.

A wealth of information can be found online as well, from websites such as Go Natural Living is dedicated to helping people make the transition to healthy eating as easy and fun as possible.