Thursday, March 26, 2009

Online Holiday Shopping in Spring

Christmas shopping is one of the most stressful things we can do during the holiday season. With all the hustle and bustle and the business of the malls and the downtown shopping areas, it can really put a damper on the holiday season. One way to avoid this is to do your holiday shopping online in the off season, and get it out of the way early. Believe it or not, spring is a great time to do holiday shopping. And one of the best places to do early holiday shopping is to shop for gifts online. Shopping online for holidays gifts in the off season will take enormous amounts of stress off of you and enable you to truly enjoy the holiday season fully. You will be able to make plans with your friends, enjoy the holiday seasonal events and shop for a few holiday gifts at your leisure. Holiday shopping can actually become a fun and enjoyable part of the season if the bulk of your shopping is out of the way and you can focus on finding a few special gifts for a few special people.

Here are a few perfect gifts to purchase online in the off season and put away until the holiday gift giving season arrives.

Potpourri is ideal. Potpourri is made of bits of dried, aromatic flowers that are designed to make an environment smell delicious, warm and welcoming. This is an item that has the holidays written all over it, but can be obtained from an online gift store at any time of the year. It is ideal for a multitude of different types of folks and be either a very personal gift for a friend or family member that you are very close to, or it can be ideal for a co-worker of associate that you may have more of a business relationship with. It is great for the home or office and adds a beautiful feel to any space that it goes into. Potpourri is available in a wide variety of style and scents and these little collections of aromatic dried flowers are perfect gift for almost anybody, male or female, young or old.

Candles are perfect. Candles are one of the best gifts in the world because everybody pretty much likes candles. They can be used in almost any environment and add ambience to any atmosphere. Candles are also a wonderful gift for the holidays because they to along very well with the winter theme and are already associated with Christmas and the winter holidays, yet they can also be obtained from an online gift retailer at any time of the year. Oftentimes shopping for holiday season gifts in the off season is great because supplies are better stocked and shipping a lot less hectic and there is less pressure to get something somewhere by a certain date.

There are many other items that are ideal for holiday gift giving but can be obtained from online gift shops at any time of the year. Scented candles are much like any candle in how versatile and enjoyable they are to so many people. Hand made furniture is great for someone who you know may be doing some type of redecorating project. Lotions, hand crafted soaps and personal care items are wonderful gifts for just about anyone on your list. A great thing about scented lotions and soaps is that they are small, easy to store and nice to have extras of in case that last minute, unexpected person you need to shop for comes up. You will be glad you got a little extra and put it aside when invited to a party or confronted with that unexpected visit.

A Romantic Vacation in Asheville

Beautiful Asheville, NC is one of the bet places in the world to take a romantic vacation. Whether you choose a bed and breakfast, a mountain cabin or a cottage rental, Asheville will help you renew and reconfirm your love for you partner. Whether you are wishing to find a spot to take a honeymoon, renew your vows to a long-term partner or just get away for a romantic trip with your sweetheart, Asheville is ideal. The magical mountains of Western North Carolina and the welcoming energy of the city of Asheville will put you in the perfect frame of mind for love.

The city has so many wonderful bed and breakfasts, and this is the ideal route to go if you want to be pampered a little bit. The beautiful bed and breakfast options are amazing, and the facilities and cuisine are unbeatable at these well maintained and classically perfect retreat spots. Experience southern hospitality in all its glory as you bask in the quaint and welcoming environment of a true southern bed and breakfast the upscale yet rustic environment of these Asheville gems shows through, and there is no better way to treat your special someone to a weekend getaway or week long retreat.

If a little more privacy is required, or you want some solitude for your time away, consider renting your own private country cottage. Renting a country cottage in the Asheville area is a great way to experience all the warmth and wonder of the area while still maintaining a sense of separation from the world. A variety of rentals are available, and you will not regret the charming atmosphere that they have to offer. A cottage rental might be just the thing to re-spark that old flame or just fan the flames that are already blazing in any intimate relationship. A country cottage rental is a great option for any honeymoon as it gives privacy yet easy accessibility to the city of Asheville.

If a more rustic option is desired, a mountain cabin rental may be in order. Spring time is a great time for this, as the nights might be cool enough still to enjoy a cozy night by the fire, yet the days are warm enough to go out and enjoy a hike in the woods and enjoy all the budding trees and blossoming flowers that go along with the magical spring season in the mountains. The mountains of WNC are incredible at this time of year, and the energy of the mountains is inspiring an amazing beyond belief.

One of the best things about enjoying any of these options is the fact that the city of Asheville and all the amazing attractions of the surrounding areas are so accessible. Whether you are renting a cabin in the mountains, renting a cottage or staying at a wonderful bed and breakfast, you can be out in the pristine wilderness of the local national forests or at a fun night spot in the heart of the city in a few short minutes. The city is full of art and culture and offers a little bit for any personality type. Enjoying your second honeymoon, a romantic getaway for two or really taking a vacation in Asheville for any reason is a wonderful, healthy and rejuvenating experience.

Shoes for Running Outdoors

With spring coming up it is a great time to begin thinking about getting outside and starting our athletic routine anew. Oftentimes our exercise regimen will move indoors for the winter, but in spring time it is a great chance to take our workout outdoors and experience all the wonderful things that nature has to offer. Springtime is an ideal time to get off that treadmill and take our running or jogging workout back to nature. One of the important steps in this process is choosing the right running shoes for an outdoor workout.

Running outside is wonderful, and offers many benefits that running inside on a track or treadmill can’t offer, but it also requires us to be cautious in choosing the appropriate shoes to do it in. Outdoor running will often take us onto a variety of surfaces, from asphalt to concrete to grass to dirt trails and everything n between. Selecting the correct athletic footwear for this activity is crucial in that it will help us get the most from our workout without causing undue stress and injury to our bodies.

One of the first questions you must ask yourself is: What is the main type of terrain will you be running on? If we are mostly going to be jogging on the street, then basically the major factor will be cushioning. Asphalt is unforgiving stuff, and reflects a lot of the impact of our stride back up your legs and into your body. Having an excellent cushioning mechanism is essential for road running. If you are going to be hitting the trails and the woods for your workout, then stability will be of primary importance. Any cross-country runner can tell you that the woods offer an infinite amount of pitfalls and uneven terrain to create hazards. Branches, rocks, roots and every other type of woodland obstacle may be hiding in wait for you and having a running shoe that offers stability is one of the best ways to avoid injuring yourself on these little hurdles.

Fitting a men's running shoe or ladies running shoe is basically the same. Always make sure the shoe is comfortable in general. Ensure that your foot is snug but not tight. The shoe should never pinch across the top of the foot, but should be held firmly in place. Your toes should never touch the front of the toe box, but there should be no sliding of your foot back and forth. You heel should not be sliding up and down at all, but there should not be a lot of pressure on the back on the ankle. The shoe should fit nice and snug side to side, and when you step forward, you should feel cushioned and supported all the way through your gait. The fabric on the toe of the athletic shoe should be flexible. Running requires a wide range of motion and the toe should be able to flex. No good running shoe should have leather across the top of the toe; it should be some type of woven or mesh material that allows our feet to flex.

Ordering athletic footwear from an online discount shoe store is a great way to save time and money when replacing your running shoes. Finding quality footwear online is easy, especially if you already know the type of shoes you want to purchase. Make sure that you read the return policies well and make sure you are dealing with a reputable online shoe store.

Outdoor Cremation Shrines

Creating an outdoor cremation memorial is something that can be a healing process, and also something that can truly honor a departed loved one. The process of creating such a shrine can assist the friends and family members that are left behind and aid in the grieving process tremendously. Erecting out door cremation memorials are a great way to create a space that all friends and relatives can enjoy, and can come to sit in remembrance of a departed individual and process the passing in their own private way. Outdoor cremation memorials are a beautiful and lasting way to honor a departed loved one. They can create a sacred space to meditate on the life you shared with someone special.

Outdoor cremation memorials require a little more thought and care to create than indoor cremation memorial because the elements and weather play a strong factor in what you include in the shrine and the materials of the memorial objects such as the cremation urn must be chosen carefully. Other memorial objects such as memorial textile art and memorial paintings my not be suitable for this unless you make sure that you are going to cover the space with a solid roof of some kind.

When choosing the funeral urn that you are going to use as the centerpiece for the memorial, an outdoor cremation memorial will warrant using a material that can withstand the elements. There are many choices available to someone creating an outdoor memorial shrine, and although some choices are better than others, there is still infinite variety available in what styles you choose, and the themes that are created.

Metal cremation urns are a great material for outdoor memorials, although you may have to deal with them being tarnished or rusting. If stainless steel is an option, this can be a really durable material to choose for the decorative urn. Metal funeral urns are very solid and durable, and the styles that they can be crafted in are nearly infinite. Stones can be set in the metal, multiple metals can be used together and other materials of objects can be added to the hand made art urn.

Stone cremation urns
are one of the very best materials for outdoor shrines, as they are some of the most weather and element resistant. Stone funeral urns are heavy, solid, durable and can also be crafted in a variety of styles that reflect the life and personality of the person they are designed to honor.

Glass cremation urns are a little more fragile but are also very resistant to the elements. Glass is a wonderful material in that it offers the possibility of vivid colors and patterns that are not necessarily available in other mediums. Also, bits of the cremated remains can be captured in the glass patterns to create beautiful swirls and patterns that honor the departed for all time.

Creating an outdoor cremation memorial is a beautiful process, and can help a grieving friend of family member process the loss of a loved one and move through the difficult time of mourning in a healthy way. Art has incredible healing potential and the creative process of erecting a shrine of this nature can do wonders for us at such a difficult time. The selection of the items we use and how we put together this sacred space can help us think about the person in question in a healthy way that allows s to focus our attention on a process that takes to some sense of completion afterward.

African Holidays

When you decide to plan your vacation for this summer, think about taking a wild adventure in beautiful and exotic Africa. You will thank yourself for taking such a life-changing trip and exposing yourself to a unique experience. Perhaps you have a vacation destination that is a place you have gone to again and again, and although this may be a wonderful and comfortable tradition, making a radical change in your travel plans might be a way to spice up your life a bit and experience something totally different. Variety is the spice of life, and few places offer as much variety and spice as magical, exotic and wild Africa. There are many places to go in Africa and many things to do, and this place will change the way you see the world for sure. Africa is a magical place and has the tendency to transform the lives on anyone lucky enough to visit.

Planning a trip to Africa is a serious endeavor and it helps to get the assistance of an expert who knows the ins and outs of the area, has experience with the culture and people, and knows the many different things there are to do. It helps to be able to talk with someone who is willing to take their time with you and get to know you personally, so that they can recommend and help to plan your vacation in such a way that you will get the most out of it. There are folks out there who are willing and desirous to make sure that you experience the African continent in a uniquely personal way and have an experience that will stick with you and last the rest of your life. If you want to become one with Africa, do yourself the favor of choosing a travel company that is dedicated to doing just that.

There are many places to go in Africa and many options for travelers and tourists of every stripe. If you are looking to explore the cities, there are a multitude of options and places to go such as Cape Town and other famous urban centers. The wine country of South Africa boasts some of the best cuisine and most upscale dining establishment s anywhere in the world. If you are seeking a more wild adventure then there is no end to the incredible expeditions available to the intrepid explorer. Sea kayaking, deep sea diving, fishing, safaris, animal watching adventures and anything else you can imagine will await you in the wild places of beautiful and enchanting Africa.

The cultural experience is unparalleled in Africa. The people are warm and welcoming and the right travel planning company can help facilitate a cultural exchange that is beyond anything imaginable. A good Africa travel company will have already developed a relationship with the indigenous population and will be able to make sure that you make contact with the authentic dwellers of the country. The cities of Africa are filled with tourists and travelers form all over the world and you are likely to run into people from every corner of the globe. There is nothing quite like making a lasting a friendship so far from home and having a cultural exchange that changes you for the better an broadens you horizons.

Why Solar Power Is Important

Solar power is one of the most important technologies being developed in the world today. With the rate at which we are using the earth’s resources and amount of pollution we are putting into the air, water and soil, solar power remains one of the crucial steps we must take toward becoming more sustainable as a species. Our very survival may depend on us learning to harness and embrace renewable energy sources like solar power. The planets resources cannot sustain our lifestyle if we do not make some serious changes in how we produce and use energy.

Nobody wants to give up all the conveniences of modern living. Kitchen appliances such as electric stoves, refrigerators, food processors and others are great time and energy saving tools. Computers, printers, cell phones and other business devices keep us in touch and make our lives more manageable and productive. Competing in global business markets requires us to stay current on technology and communications and these are essential tools. Entertainment and recreational devices such as televisions, DVD players and stereos are part of our quality of life, and it would be a shame to have to give them up. Then there are the essentials such as lights, heat and other things that keep our lives running day to day. But these items use electricity and every little bit adds up. The cost of keeping our modern lives running the way we have grown accustomed to is creating a huge drain on the environment and something must be done to rectify this situation.

This is where alternative energy technology comes into play. Green power is the way of the future and must be embraced if modern human life is to thrive and survive. Technologies such s solar powered electricity, solar heat and solar hot water systems may be the thing that saves us. Renewable energy is the key, and few energy sources are as renewable as the sun. The sun bombards us with unimaginable amounts of energy every day, and learning to harness and use this abundant, clean and renewable energy source is absolutely brilliant and crucial to our survival.

With all the pollution that is created by using energy sources like coal, petroleum and nuclear power, clean energy sources such as solar power become even more appealing. Solar power is incredibly clean, and produces very little negative impact on the environment. The rivers, soil and air are kept much cleaner and healthier by the use of solar power, and that makes photovoltaic cells that much more attractive as an option for capturing and generating electric power.

Solar power can also be a very practical way to save a lot of money. Energy costs money, and as we have seen in recent years, the cost of operating our homes and businesses is becoming more and more expensive. Everyone likes to save money, and if we can save some energy and resources while reducing pollution at the same time, we have made a huge contribution not only to our own lives, but to the lives of all the other living things that inhabit our planet as well. Solar power is a beautiful technology on every level and should be cultivated mindfully and encouraged in every way possible. Our very future may depend on making these types of wise choices.

Illustrated Tourist Maps Online

When visiting any city it is always good to be able to find your way around, and having an accurate, illustrated map is an invaluable tool. Most every city will have some map to go along with it, but having an illustrated tourist map is better than just a plain old city street map. There are many reasons that having a detailed, illustrated map of a city is good. Here are some reasons why an online illustrated map is better than a generic street map.

Navigation of an online map is easier than using a street map. Being able to zoom in and out, and scroll in any direction on an online map is a great option that is totally unavailable on a paper street map. This is an option that allows you to see close-up and detailed information that might otherwise be difficult to read or hard to find on a complicated street map. Being able to change the view enables you to zoom in to get detailed information about a location and then zoom out to see the location in context to the bigger picture. This is incredibly helpful, because sometimes you want the details of where streets intersect, and sometimes you want the larger picture to see in what part of a city a location is.

Instant updates are great. Having to replace a map every time you visit a city, or making a plan to go to a location that is no longer there is inconvenient. With an online tourist map, you get the updated map every time you go to the website. This makes it an invaluable tool for visiting a city, because if a street changes, a business closes or the layout of the city is altered in any way, you have instant access to that information. There is nothing more annoying than going to find a restaurant, business or attraction that is listed on a vacation map and finding that the place is no longer there.

Attractions are easier to find on illustrated tourist maps. Oftentimes a city may have streets with similar names or confusing names, and being able to identify the place you are looking for with ease is a wonderful option. In this way, an illustrated map is much easier to deal with and can save a lot of headaches when it comes to trying to locate attractions in a city. As new attractions are added, or old ones are closed, an online illustrated map will be able to accurately reflect that. Also, you get the benefit of having tourist attraction laid right out in front of you on the map, and it saves the trouble of having to coordinate tons of fliers and then find them on a tiny little city street map.

Businesses are easier to find on an illustrated vacation map. Prominent city establishments are much easier to locate on an illustrated map, and anything that is not actually represented on the map is also easier to find, because you can contact the establishment and ask for a landmark that is on the map. In this way time, energy and fuel is saved by allowing you to plan trips and find locations without any trouble. If a business is near a location that is represented on the shopping map, then you can easily find the place you are looking for by getting directions in relation to that spot. This makes traveling around a city much easier and more fun than trying to use a plain old street map of a town.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Advantages of Private residence Clubs

Owning a second home is something that many people dream of. Having a place of your own in a second location for you to get away and enjoy a change of scenery for a while is a luxury to be treasured. It’s much different than renting a vacation house for a short period, because the home is yours and you get to enjoy all the privileges that go along with owning that property. Imagine being able to take off and go to your second home where all the private touches you treasure are present to make you feel comfortable and right at home.

However, the responsibility of maintaining a second home is something that often deters folks from actually purchasing a second property. Keeping the house in order, taking care of the grounds and yard, keeping the building in good condition and all the other minute tasks that are associated with owning a home can be overwhelming and daunting, especially to a busy person with better things to focus valuable time on. This is where a private residence club can become the best thing you have ever done for yourself.

Imagine enjoying all the privileges that go along with owning a second home, without the hassle of being responsible for taking care of it. Imagine having your own private staff of professionals who are dedicated to you and your home. This would be a personal concierge service that knows everything about your preferences from the food you want to have in your refrigerator to the shows you enjoy seeing to the music you enjoy listening to. Imagine knowing that every time you decide to go and enjoy your home, everything will be taken care of, clean maintained, and in proper working order. All you have to do is show up and enjoy all the benefits of having a second home in a beautiful, pristine and comfortable setting surrounded by all the finer things that you enjoy. This is the benefit of ownership in a private residence club.

Think about it…Who wants to spend massive amounts of time and resources taking care of all the day to day tasks of owning property for a place that they spend only a fraction of the year at? This is not cost effective and is not a great use of ones time. However, making an investment in real estate is a valuable and sound financial move, and actually owning the property instead of renting it from someone else is essential to keeping your investments as lucrative as possible.

Another advantage to a private residence club as opposed to a time share or vacation rental is the fact that there is a lot less restriction on when you can stay there and for how long. As an owner in a private residence club, there is the freedom to come when you please and stay for as long as your schedule will allow. There is also no limitation to the number of times you may enjoy the property…it is your property and all the benefits of home ownership apply.

Private residence clubs offer the best of both worlds by giving you all the benefits of second home ownership with all the luxurious perks of an upscale vacation resort. Private residence clubs allow you to have a second home complete with a professional concierge staff and maintenance crew without all the hassle of managing the day to day tasks that go along with traditional property ownership.

Five Reasons for Fractional Ownership

It is very desirable to own a second home and have a beautiful place to get away and experience a change of scenery. Owning a second home is a luxury that many people would like to enjoy, however the responsibilities that go along with owning a second home are daunting and many people simply do not have the time to run a second house on top of all the responsibilities that are already present with taking care of a primary residence. This is where fractional ownership comes in. Fractional ownership is a way that you can enjoy all the financial benefits of investing in a second home while also enjoying all the benefits of a stay at an upscale, luxury resort. Essentially you get the business minded benefits of owning a second home without having to worry about running the day to day details of running that second property. Here are five reasons why fractional ownership in a private residence club is better than traditional ownership of a second home property.

Having your own private concierge staff is luxurious beyond belief. Ownership in a private residence club offers the opportunity to have a private concierge staff at your disposable. This is not the same as having someone at the front desk of a hotel to bring you extra towels. This is a professional staff utterly dedicated to taking care of your every need. The concierge staff at a private residence club makes it their business to know you personally and understand your unique desires and preferences. When you show up at your second home, you will find your refrigerator stocked with the foods that you enjoy. You will find a list of events and activities tailored to your personal recreational preferences. If there is a concert by a performer that you particularly enjoy happening during your stay, you will know about it. Every minute detail of your pleasures will be accounted for and taken into consideration.

Having your own maintenance staff is wonderful. Never will you have to worry about coming to your second residence only to find mice have invaded your home or the roof is leaking somewhere you didn’t know about. Ownership in a private residence club means that you will always have someone looking after your investment for you, twenty four hours a day seven days a week. The grass will never be overgrown, the bushes will never need trimming and the place will be clean and ready for you whenever you show up to enjoy your private property.

The amenities offered at a fractional ownership private residence club are top notch. Imagine having a second home that includes access to world class golf courses, a tennis courts, a staff of personal trainers, hiking trails, bicycles, swimming pools and many other luxurious activities. It’s like owning a second home and being a member of a luxury country club all rolled into one neat package.

Networking with other locations around the world offers variety. Private residence clubs are often members of wider networks that trade benefits with each other. This means you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of luxury home ownership in many more places than you normally would with traditional home ownership.

Fractional ownership is a wise financial investment. The greatest thing about fractional ownership in a private residence club is that it offers all the benefits of property ownership without any of the hassles. You get a deed to real estate that carries all the rights and privileges of traditional property ownership.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Photovoltaic Cells

One of the most exciting inventions of modern times is the photovoltaic cell and the possibilities which it presents for saving energy, cleaning up the environment and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Solar energy is an exciting way to take part in the green energy revolution and safe a lot of the Earths precious resources.

These days with so much talk about energy conservation and the using up of the planets natural resources, it can be hard to decide where to start with your own practice. A great way is to investigate the possibility of using PV cells to capture the endless amount of energy being dumped on us every minute of the day by the sun. This endless stream of amazing power is right there waiting to be harnessed and using solar panels for the capturing of this amazing resource is not as difficult of expensive as it once was. Some people even find that they are able to generate enough electricity that they can sell some of it back to the power companies as a surplus.

Solar powered electricity, solar heated hot water and many other energy saving options are all available to us now. Burning coal for electricity is one of the dirtiest ways to power homes and businesses and this practice takes quite a toll on the natural environment and all the creatures that have to live there. Coal fired electricity is something that we desperately need to move away from, and solar power is one of the best alternatives we have.

There are many options including wind power and hydroelectric, but sometimes it is not practical for various environmental reasons. Hydroelectric requires a constant stream of running water and wind power is only usable in areas where the wind stays strong for long periods of time. Solar energy, on the other hand, is coming at us almost all day long, and with advances in the technology that the photovoltaic cells are created with, they are able to more and more efficiently harness this precious and renewable resource.

Soar power is clean, green and effective. We already cover the roof of our houses and building with black panels, so it just makes good sense to cover them with materials that will capture the energy being rained down and turn it into clean, renewable electricity. Nobody wants to give up the modern conveniences of living such as computers, electric kitchen appliance and entertainment items, so we must find a way to use these things without being such a constant drain on the environment. We use a lot of the world’s resources here in this country, and it is crucial that we find ways to balance that energy consumption with methods that manufacture that power in a responsible way.

Solar energy is one of the best sources of green energy we have, and renewable energy sources is vital to our survival as a species. We must find ways to reduce our impact on the environment, especially if we are going to continue to live the modern lives we lead. Technology is a wonderful thing, and has brought us all so many advances and ways to become closer, but at what price? We must realize the balance that must be achieved, and begin to make this important transition to renewable energy and clean power. Solar energy is the front runner in leading the charge, and should be fully embraced wherever and whenever it can be.

Spring Break Vacations in Asheville

Spring break is coming up and it’s time to think about where you might want to go to experience the wonderful changes happening in the natural world as well as take a little time off from the workaday world to just relax and recharge the batteries. Although many people think of the beaches and the oceans and the tropical paradises when they think of sprig break, a little getaway in the mountains is a wonderful alternative to the packed and sweltering party atmosphere of those more traditional spring break locations. Taking your spring break vacation in Asheville, North Carolina is a wonderful alternative to the beaches and ocean resorts of the traditional spring break locales. Experience the mountains is all of their budding beauty and you will see why so many people are choosing to enjoy spring break in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Asheville offers something for everyone on a vacation, and there is no end to the fun that can be had there, whether it be adventures hiking through the mountains, whitewater rafting, rock climbing or picnicking in then national forest or enjoying the many wonderful night spots, gourmet restaurants or independent boutiques and shops located along the beautiful city streets. If you are an outdoorsman, Asheville and the surrounding are will offer you endless enjoyment, and if you prefer the city life, there is no shortage of things to do in this wonderful mountain town.

There are endless options for places to stay in this city, from mountain cottage rentals, to wonderful bed and breakfasts. Weekend getaways or week long retreats are all available and waiting for your spring time vacation.

In the city of Asheville you will find an incredible amount of art galleries, small museums and boutiques that offer locally crafted, hand made arts and crafts. This region of the country has long been known for its masterful folk artists and the amazing array of items produced here. From pottery to old fashioned quilts to anything in between, the mountains of Western North Carolina are full of the craftiest of artists.

The music scene is flourishing as well in Asheville, and there are so many talented up and coming groups and individual musicians it is amazing. Local singer songwriters are some of the best you will find anywhere, and they are putting Asheville of the map as a serious location for talented and amazing musical contributions. With plenty of venues to choose from, Asheville is able to offer a variety of performances on any day of the week, not only on the weekend nights. With open mics, small festivals and all manner of performances happening, Asheville is sure to please any music critic.

The surrounding area is some of the most beautiful natural environment anywhere in the world, and the miles and miles of hiking trails will take you to some of the most pristine locations you can imagine. Waterfalls, forests, streams, meadows and the most bio-diverse landscape of any part of the country are waiting for you to explore them in Asheville.

Why do the same old traditional beach trip for spring break? Renting a cabin in the mountains of Asheville, NC is a wonderful way to experience the majesty of these ancient forests and bring a little variety to your spring break vacation.