Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stop Paying Taxes this Year, War Taxes now Exceed 50% of the Tax Load

The IRS has been ridiculed, feared and despised by virtually everyone for over a half century of its existence and for good reason; the code is illogical, inconsistent and incomprehensible to practically everyone including our own Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner.

Geithner testified to the Senate confirmation hearings, that he used TurboTax to prepare his own return and that the tax errors are his own responsibility. The problem with TurboTax seems to stem from self employment issues of the tax code. The Washington Post quoted a tax expert who said that TurboTax has not been programmed to handle self-employment taxes when the user identifies himself as being employed.

Over nine of Obama’s top appointees had tax problems ranging from speaking fees, self employment issues and illegal house employees. But the problem for Obama and the IRS is becoming much bigger.

For one, is there even a law that requires taxpayers to file and pay taxes? It appears that there is no such law. Sure, the IRS as volumes of codes and regulations, but is there a law that requires US citizens to pay taxes on their income? No.

Recently the government has lost critical cases on tax law with Whitey Harrell and Tom Cryer winning their right to not file or pay taxes at all. Further, former IRS agents Joe Banister and Sherry Peel Jackson resigned after not being able to find a law that requires citizens to pay taxes.

Most of the tax controversies arise over the fact that the US government is lying to its citizens about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and organized torture and illegal detaining of so called terrorists. Currently over 54% of all taxes paid by US citizens are going to the war, military efforts and mostly to corporations that are benefiting from the war by creating ridiculously expensive tools, contractors, and equipment for the military.

These government lies result in a “Taxation without Representation” issue as even our corrupt lawmakers are lied to about the reasons to go to war and the cover-up of torture techniques used in secret and non-secret prison facilities around the world. No reasonable American citizen or their representatives would have voted to use tax dollars to buy water boards and professional torturers to create false confessions from detainees in secret prisons.

There is a remedy. Don’t pay taxes this year. If enough people refuse to pay for the illegal programs by our Federal Government, these programs will fail. Tax dollars should be used for the infrastructure of our highways, education initiatives, science and space explorations and other programs that are beyond the reach of individuals and state governments.

For more information about how to resist taxes this year, go to For a minimal fee you can purchase there new video that contains 28 interviews with tax resisters that explain their motivations and reasons for resisting taxes.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Asheville's Jesse Barry makes it to Hollywood on American Idol

Photo by Cynthia Potter after painting Jesse's face at the Courtyard Gallery, Downtown Asheville, 9 Walnut St. Subscribe to True Home Podcast here.

It's official: Jesse Barry of Asheville, NC has at least made it to Hollywood on American Idol.
Check out this link of contestants that make it to Hollywood!

AND check out this youtube link of Jesse performing at the Int'l Blues Challenge in Memphis TN. last year with her band Skinny Legs and All.

Congratulations Jesse!