Thursday, July 9, 2009

Asheville Vacation Options

Asheville, North Carolina is one of the nicest places to take a vacation. A vacation in Asheville is something people from all over the world are enjoying every year. There is so much to do in this lovely little mountain town, and the people are wonderful. The community is welcoming, creative and courteous. Asheville is a very diverse place, with many different kinds of folks all living together in a beautiful part of the Appalachian Mountains. The city offers a tremendous amount of different things to do and places to see. The history and geography of the area come alive and fill the region with an deep sense of peace and vibrancy. Asheville itself is a wonderful little city, and boasts all the things a larger metropolitan area has to offer while still retaining its small town roots and feel. Restaurants, night clubs, art galleries and boutiques are nicely juxtaposed against a mountain landscape full of outdoor adventures, hiking trails, beautiful national forest and breathtaking vistas.

One of the most enjoyable things about the area is the multitude of places that Asheville offers in the way of places to stay. The traditional bed and breakfast is a wonderful option, and there are many different choices for old fashioned places to stay in the city and outside of the city limits. Renting a mountain cottage is certainly another great option, and offers a little more privacy and closeness to the natural world. Enjoying a cabin rental is also another way to enjoy the proximity of the national forests and still have all the comforts of home. All these options have their benefits and it all depends on what kind of experience you are looking to have when visiting the mountains of WNC. Western North Carolina is more than just Asheville, but Asheville is the largest and most enjoyable city of the area and boasts all the luxuries and experiences of visiting a larger city without having to feel like you are in a metropolis.

Staying at a bed and breakfast is wonderful because you get to experience the luxury of staying at a hotel or motel, yet get the feel of a true country house. The food is usually out of this world, and the settings tend to be luxurious yet with a rustic feel. Having someone there to help you get a feel for the area and point you in the direction of places to go and things to do is very helpful, and it's nice to get to experience true southern hospitality.

Staying at a nice country cottage rental is always a wonderful alternative. The stay can be a little more extensive and you can feel like you are on a retreat if that is your intention. Perhaps a great choice for someone who has already visited the area and knows their way around, a cottage rental in the mountains is a wonderful way to experience the tranquility of nature and get away from it all.

Renting a mountain cabin is another great way to truly sink into the experience of the area. Enjoy the bounty of nature in this rustic setting while being near the city to be able to enjoy all that the urban environment has to offer.

There are many options for people visiting Asheville, NC, but any way you choose to experience it, this town is magical. Of the many companies offering to assist you in choosing a place to stay in this lovely mountain town, there are few better choices than