Friday, January 23, 2009

Decorative Funeral Urns

Funeral urns do not have to be a boring, depressing and generic box that serves as only a container to hold someone’s ashes. When you are containing and protecting the remains of a dearly departed loved one whether it be a friend or relative, or even a pet, why not choose to honor them with a one of a kind hand made cremation urn?

Cremation urns come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from a wide variety of different material. Funeral urns can be decorative art urns, and be hand made in a variety of styles and colors. When choosing cremation for the way to dispose of the remains of a person who has passed on, doesn’t it make sense to choose an urn that reflects the nature and personality of the person who will be enshrined within?

Choosing a creative and beautiful art urn for the ashes of a loved one or a selecting a lovely pet urn that honors a beloved family pet is also a great way to help you gracefully move through the grieving process. The selection of a beautiful one of a kind cremation urn will help you think of the wonderful things that the departed individual meant to you, as you select an urn that the person would have found attractive.

Metal cremation urns are a durable type to choose and ideal for anyone who is thinking of burying the urn underground or displaying the urn in some kind of special outdoor memorial. Metal offers a versatile material for the artist or crafter to work with, and a custom made metal funeral urn is ideal for many different installations and purposes.

Wooden funeral urns are a little more of a delicate material and best used if the urn is going to stay indoors and be displayed around the home. Wooden urns create a warm, rustic feel and can be truly beautiful. A wide variety of different types of wood can be used, and sometimes multiple woods are combined to make a unique pattern or contrasting color scheme. Often wood can be combined with other mediums such as metal or stone, and an incredibly classy piece of art is the ultimate end result.

Stone urns are a very classical and traditional material to use and often symbolize the permanence of our love and enduring care for the person ensconced within. Many types of stone can be used for the carving and creation of a pet urn or cremation urn, and there is no end to the styles and beauty available to the stone carver when creating such an important piece of memorial art. Stone cremation urns are also very strong and durable and can be used for burial, or placed outdoors to honor the deceased as the centerpiece of an outdoor memorial.

Glass decorative urns also offer a tremendous variety of possible shapes and styles, and can often be the most colorful urns available. Blown glass can be made in a wide variety of brilliant colors, often with delicate swirling patterns and vivid contrasting hues. Although strong against the elements such as rain and sun, they are of course very fragile and should always be displayed in a place where they are protected from being dropped or knocked into.

Decorative urns are by far the most attractive and personalized way to honor and protect the remains of a cremated loved one, and will create a lasting memorial to the memory of that special person.

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