Monday, January 5, 2009

Online Artist Directories

There are many social networking sites on the internet these days serving a variety of different purposes from dating to networking business ideas to sharing stories and connecting with old friends, but what about a social networking site for artists?

A social networking site for artists offers the opportunity for artists at every level of development and in all phases of their careers a chance to show the world what they are creating and connect with gallery owners, art dealers and other people in the business. An artist directory online is one way to share concepts, techniques and ideas, while connecting with other artists working in similar mediums or complementary mediums. It is also a valuable resource for connecting with potential customers, gallery owners and other resources for showing and selling your artwork. Imagine being able to post an artists statement, a bio of yourself, photos of your artwork, links to your website and other information vital to getting your artwork out to the public, all from the comfort of your own home or office.

The computer and the internet have become incredibly valuable resources and artists from all over the world can now use it to connect with each other and get the word out about their particular projects and artwork. A sculptor working in Britain can now see and connect with a sculptor working in the United States and make arrangements to share a show with him or her. A painter working on the west coast can view the paintings and prints of artists from the east coast and make arrangements to have an opening in a common area, all from the ease and comfort of their computer.

The advent of the social networking site has up until now been mainly a way to stay in touch with people and connect with old friends, but now it is an invaluable tool for networking with other people working in your field. For an artist online, the possibility of getting shows and selling artwork is multiplied tremendously.

Creative arts clubs have existed for a long time, but the advent of the internet and social networking sites has enabled artists to become acquainted with each other and share ideas from any distance. It is truly a miraculous thing to find an artist guide and networking site that is devoted specifically to artists and crafts people. These days with the economy the way it is and people spending less and less money on luxury items, it is crucial that an artist use every option at his or her disposal for the promotion and marketing of their artwork or craft. Painters, sculptors, graphic artists, illustrators and other people working in visual arts mediums will find that a social networking site specifically designed to serve artists is one of the most valuable resources to come along since the advent of the world wide web.

Artist collaboration is facilitated through the creation of an online guide for artists, and a social networking site created to serve the particular needs of artists and other s working in the professional arts field will enable artists who wish to join forces and create multimedia works to connect with each other and bring more and more experimental work into the world, not to mention bringing artists from many backgrounds together for the purpose of learning, growing and bringing new genres into being.

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