Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Young Entrepreneur Creates Online Marketing to send her Troop to Summer Camp.

Bryan Freeborn

When Wild Day Freeborn, was asked to create goals to sell her girl scout cookies, she went directly to the source and contacted Top Floor Studios, where her father is CEO, to get online marketing information.

From the marketing information and help she received there, she quickly upgraded her goals from having a friend and herself go to an amusement park, to sending her whole troop to summer camp. To market these goals she created a video and posted it on Youtube and began a complete SEO (Search Engine Marketing) campaign that included syndicated articles on article directories, online magazines and personal blogs. Students at UNCA, also got behind the project and volunteered their marketing help as part of a learning assignment.

Wild Day explained, “Some of the girls in Troop 71 in West Asheville would never get to go to a summer camp in their life, unless I can create a way to make this a reality, and these sales help girls nationwide as well!” This reality means selling enough cookies to generate the “cookie dough” needed to send the troop to camp. The “cookie dough” that is given to the troop from sales, can only be used for Girl Scout events and would take roughly 12,000 boxes to reach her goal.

She is off to a good start, spreading the word and quickly selling 100 boxes online in the first few days. You can help support her efforts to provide financial aid to her troop by going to to see her video report and let her know you are interested in girl scout cookies.


Matt Markie said...

The Girl Scouts of the USA Standards and guidelines for the 2009 sales program clearly state that the use of the internet is intended for advertising only, as such I hope you will remove your ordering site soon. Please visit our SafetWise documents for details:

I hope that we can count on you to create a fair playing field for all the girls we serve in North Carolina. Key to our Girl Scout Law are the principles of fairness and being a sister to all Girl Scouts.

jack moe said...

What a crazy document. If the Girl Scouts are afraid to join the internet era, how can they learn good marketing strategies. It is no wonder that sales are down 50% when they could easily be up if the internet was used. And by the way, the internet creates a fair playing field especially for girls in rural areas like Western North Carolina.