Friday, January 23, 2009

Reasons for Solar Power

These days energy efficiency, green energy and alternative energy sources are one of the things many, many people are very concerned about. There is good reason for this. Saving money on heating, electric and energy bills are an obvious reason why becoming more energy efficient is important. With the state of the economy and the lack of good employment, anywhere that a family or household can save some money is always welcome. Another great reason for seeking alternative sources of power, and one that is motivating more and more people every day is the environmental impact of how we heat our homes, and where our electricity comes from. Greenhouse gasses, pollution of the lakes and streams and the detrimental effects of the people who deal with conventional sources of power such as coal, nuclear and petroleum are all valid things to be concerned about. Another reason to be concerned and interested in alternative energy sources that many people may not consider is national security. The incredible demand for foreign oil has put us at risk, and caused a lot of trouble around the world. One of the best alternative energy sources to consider is the clean, constantly renewed energy coming right from the sun. Solar energy is fast becoming known as one of the most important developments of our time.

After the initial investment made in photovoltaics, and the equipment needed to connect them to the electrical system of a house, solar power is incredibly cost effective. The sun bombards us every minute of the day with more power and energy than one can imagine, and most of that precious resource is wasted. Finding a way to harness this incredibly powerful source of energy is what solar power is all about. Renewable energy is ultimately what it is all about and solar power is the most renewable energy source imaginable.

Solar power is also incredibly clean and causes no pollution. Solar panels create no waste, no toxic byproducts and pose no hazard to the people living in the house it serves. Solar energy requires no dirty power plant to create its electricity, and is safe for the other people living in your community and bioregion. Since the power source is generally sitting right on top of or near the structure it is supplying energy for, it does not require miles and miles of wires and power lines to bring it from the plant to the user. This tremendous reduction in resources is another benefit of using solar panels to create energy for a home or business.

Of course with the state of the world and concern over Middle Eastern stability and our military presence in other parts of the world, solar energy contributes greatly to national security. The incredible military presence necessary to ensure the safe and reliable acquisition and transportation of oil to our nation is something that is becoming more and more of a concern to Americans. By choosing to use an alternative source of power and electricity, and renewable energy sources such as solar power to heat our homes and run the things necessary to modern life, we are contributing greatly to the safety of ourselves and helping to secure a future for our children that is free of the dangers of violent conflict abroad for the purpose of securing energy. Solar energy is one of the cleanest, most reliable sources of power and electricity available to us today, and should be fully embraced and implemented in as many places as possible.

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